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Testament Cryo-Silver™ Reference Loudspeaker cables
True full shotgun design, discrete (+) and (-) cables to each speaker. No shielding, besides ERS material. Choice of WBT pure silver spade connectors (single cable shown at right; sold as set of four cables: two '+', two '-').

Also available with WBT locking slanted banana connectors (stackable for bi-wire). Specify choice for amp, speaker ends (single cable shown at right below; sold as set of four cables: two '+', two '-'). Due to the custom nature of loudspeaker cables, they are not eligible under the 30-day return policy.

2.0-meter set: $3,099   [FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!]

specify connector types, per end:
amp end
speaker end

+ $500 per 0.5-meter for longer cables;
- $250 per 0.5-meter for shorter cables
For custom lengths, please e-mail or call us and we will send a PayPal invoice for the appropriate amount. Or, you may “manually” send the appropriate amount to our PayPal account brad@revelationaudiolabs.com and list the specific instructions in the “notes” section of the transaction.  

Also, now accepting credit card orders via phone, fax or mail; click for details.
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Testament Cryo-Silver™ Reference Loudspeaker cable: spade connector
[ spade connector:
view larger image ]

Testament Cryo-Silver™ Reference Loudspeaker cable: banana connector
[ banana connector:
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