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We couldn't have said it better ourselves...
“...After replacing the standard copper umbilical cable to the outboard power supply with the new Revelation Audio Labs Cryo-Silver™ umbilical cable, I shook hands with THE new champion of audio reproduction. As now configured, the ModWright/Sony not only tops all other digital reproduction I've heard to date, but all analog reproduction as well. No phono cartridge I am familiar with reaches the sublime levels of this player. Nothing does...The addition of the silver umbilical cord was the crowning touch. I am in awe.”
— Robert H. Levi
reviewed in Positive Feedback Online, Issue 14
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“I can say that these cables take you so much closer to the musical truth...that, once you hear them, you will not be able to part with them. I know I can't. Brad, send me a bill 'cause you ain't getting these violet cables back.”

— Greg Weaver
reviewed in On Sound and Music, February 2004
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“...super-black backgrounds, a broad soundstage, excellent separation, and the bass was extremely tight, clean, and extended...the Precept's bass performance was cleaner and tighter than that of the ElectraGlide Reference Tri-Glide power cord...midrange was extremely detailed...High-frequency details were rendered with precise, crystal clarity and a crispness of tone...the Precept synergized beautifully with [a tube amplifier under review]...a match made in audio heaven!...I tried the Precept cord on [a phono stage] that was here for review, and found sonic bliss. The Precept provided improved detail, separation, bass and midrange clarity, and soundstage depth and separation. Everything just sounded right—so much so that I began to wonder why....Its strengths—soundstage width, pitch-black backgrounds, stunningly clear detail, and clean, extended bass—are undeniable...I loved the way the Precept partnered with the amps and the phono stage [in for review], and chose to keep the review sample so that I can continue to experiment with the Precept in future reviews.”

— Fown-Ming Tien
reviewed in Positive Feedback Online, Issue 20
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“...It doesn't do anything wrong. The highs were as effortless as I have ever heard, while bass was deep and tight...a solid step forward...a joy to hear. Simply put, it never hindered the music. If you are looking for a worthwhile upgrade...send Brad Vojtech an email. You won't regret it.”

— John Brazier
reviewed in Positive Feedback Online, Issue 7, June - July 2003
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“For me the biggest compliment I can give your product is to say that they are 'musical.' I don't use that word very often...Instead of my being aware of aspects of the sound that have been improved, I am aware of how organic the sound is. Phrasing and dynamics that are a critical part of any performance are heard with more subtlety and articulation and therefore a more complete understanding of what the artist is actually doing is revealed for me to enjoy. I have listened to some other cords and none I have come across have made this type of improvement. I applaud your efforts to make such a musical component at such a reasonable price.”

— J.K.

“I would like to share my experiences with the Revelation Audio Labs cables including their Precept power cables, Paradise RCA and XLR interconnects, Paradise phono cable, and Testament speaker cables.

My first exposure to Revelation Audio Labs began with the purchase of a Precept AC cable in December of last year [2004]. I wrote a review of this cable and compared it to two other well-known and respected AC cables.

This was the finest AC cable I had ever heard due to its revealing midrange; great speed and power in the bass, and a detailed, but non-fatiguing high end.

Three months latter, I purchased a Graham Phantom tonearm and decided to replace the Graham IC 70 cable I was using with a RAL Paradise phono cable. Here are the results of that experience.

I was so impressed with the phono cable, that I ordered speaker and interconnect cables from Brad at Revelation Audio Labs. I am using two sets of XLR interconnects and one RCA set that runs from my preamp to my Wilson Watchdog subwoofer. I was using Silversmith Silver speaker cables and Cardas Golden Reference XLR interconnects. Compared to the Silversmith Silver speaker cables, the Testament speaker cables were faster with far greater resolution from low to high. High-end details were simply something else; a Martin guitar sounded like a Martin; a Gibson mandolin sounded like a Gibson. On the other hand, the Silversmith speaker cables were slower and darker in comparison. Most of all, the dynamic qualities of the Testament speaker cables were simply the best I have ever heard. The Testament bass was very fast and defined with great power and slam.

The Cardas cables have been reviewed by a number of Audio sites recently, but in my opinion the most accurate review was that of Robert H. Levi of Positive Feedback Online.

The Paradise cables were faster with a greater sense of blackness to the background than the Cardas. The bass was not as prominent, but more detailed. The highs were also more detailed and had a greater sense of ease or speed, but were less prominent than the Cardas Golden Reference. Both cables had a wide and deep soundstage.

In summary, I heard the same qualities in the speaker and interconnect cables that I heard in the Precept AC cables. I did notice a synergistic effect when all the cables were Revelation Audio Labs. The first thing that struck me was the degree of enhancement of background silence. Very small details emerged from this silence that was previously obscured by the other cables. The natural beautiful midrange of the RAL was enhanced and had almost a 'tube-like' midrange quality. The third enhancement was to the soundstage width and depth. It became huge. Two other audio enthusiasts have e-mailed me their impressions of RAL cables. The common thread that seems to run in everyoneÕs impression is the uncolored and engaging quality to the midrange most often described as 'musical.'

Given the cost of high end cables today, the Revelation Audio Labs cables are truly a bargain.

My system and pictures can be found at Audio Asylum under Mercman.”

—Dr. Steven Plaskin

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