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LOUDSPEAKER CABLES: We couldn't have said it better ourselves...
Testament loudspeaker cables:

"Regarding burn-in, the Purist Audio Design disc has allowed the music to “pop in.” I guess they are 80%-90% broken-in.

Impressions of Testament speaker cables compared to the Silversmith Silver speaker cables:

The Testament speaker cables are faster with far greater resolution from low to high. High-end details are simply something else; a Martin guitar sounds like a Martin; a Gibson mandolin sounds like a Gibson. On the other hand, the Silversmith speaker cables sound slower and darker.

Most of all, the dynamic qualities of the Testament speaker cables are simply the best I have ever heard. The Silversmith tends to compress dynamics with a darker more congealed sound. The Testament bass is very fast and defined with great power and slam.

The Testaments are more forward in character—a good thing for my Levinson 32 preamp which tends to give a more distant perspective.

In short, your Testaments are a wonderful, revealing, dynamic speaker cable. My Silversmiths are up for sale.”    — Paul

“Having now had adequate opportunity to test the cables, I thought a short review was in order.

Soundwise, I find them an improvement on my Tara Air 1 cables. They have greater extension and air than the Taras. Of more interest is the more full and defined bass. I have had poor luck with silver cables in the bass and I felt I might need to go back to the Taras if the Testaments did not measure up. Some discussion with other audiophiles leads me to believe that the less satisfying bass found in many silver cables is due to the makers using too thin a gauge of wire. This is often suggested as the reason for the brighter highs, as well. Perhaps simply using a beefier gauge of silver wire is your secret---I don't know! In any case, I'm pleased.

I also note that while the Taras were very sensitive to outside interference (they really had to be up on cable elevators and dressed away from the steel stand) your Testaments seem, to my ears at least, to be pretty much immune. Again, this is impressive and speaks well to the effectiveness of your (design).

Overall, I'm happy with the biwire pair”    —T.S.

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